After a couple of years, some cash and a boatload of time into it, I have finally succeeded in releasing the debut album from yours truly! It was no easy ride but in the end, it is done warts and all. I am very happy with the final result as it truly reflects where my mind was at at the time these songs were written. It seemed appropriate to present them all as a CD of songs as opposed to the way I started releasing them - as singles. I truly believe - after this process now more than ever - that music belongs in the album format. There is an art to the order of the songs and to me it really feels like the right way to do it. I guess I am old-school that way in this age of single releases. 


The lineup features myself on all guitars, singing and composition. Rahlen Sullaphen plays all bass and was the principal engineer and producer of the sessions. On the kit we had 3 amazing talents: Dave Patel, Chris Sutherland and Rob "Beatdown" Brown. Backing vocals were provided by the amazing and beautiful Jess Rempel. Rounding out the cast was Paul Holy on keys for one of the songs.


It truly was a journey and where it leads only time will tell. I am not exactly expecting much as it is pretty difficult for indie guys like myself to be heard among the zillions of CDs being released these days. But those who do find it, will find a collection of truly honest songs created the old-school way. We left in errors if the spirit of the performance was right. I am proud of this collection of songs so I hope you like them.

Physical CDs are being printed as I type this, so if you would like to get your hands on a copy, shoot me a message and I will send one along. It is also available for download at CDBaby and Bandcamp, so hit your spot and grab one if it so pleases you.

What to do next? Who knows the dates for volume II! All I know is that the next one will be a significantly different approach to the recording of it. Time for a new sound and new process. You never stop learning and that is now and was always the goal of such an endeavour.

Stay well and thanks for following along!

Abbey Road Masters are in!

Abbey Road Masters are in!


After a long road, the journey to completing this album just passed a major hurdle. The final CD arrived from the amazingly talented mastering engineer Mr Sean Magee (Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, John Lennon, Duke Ellington, Nina Simone, U2, Tina Turner, The Sex Pistols and Public Image Limited.). He did an amazing job and the disc sounds fantastic. We went with a dynamic mix as opposed to a loud mix - so use your volume knob on your stereo!

Last song Cinqhole rounds final corner

Last song "Cinqhole" rounds final corner.


One track remains before full album release and it has been a doozy! Cinqhole is a very challenging piece that has taken some time to pull together. Combine the songs complexity with busy summer touring and gigging schedules and you have a recipe...

GRATEFUL gets released!

The newest track "Grateful" featuring the amazing Darren James Smith as surprise guest on vocals finally was released today.


The sessions feature the lineup of Jerry Case - Guitars, Darren James Smith - Vocals, Rahlen Sullaphen - Bass, Dave Patel - Kit is probably the most high octane lineup this album has featured. The track is equally heavy. It is a dedication to the passing of my long-time friend Dave Wyzinski (miss ya buddy!). Dave was never one for going easy, so the song is in keeping with that spirit. 


One more track to go then they will all get parcelled up and released as a single album. It feels good to be nearing the post. It has taken longer to accomplish than I would have anticipated, but you know - life and all.



"Grateful" nears the post

Hey all,


Just an update on my next song "Grateful". It is a heavy tune featuring a great guest vocalist. I'll keep ya guessing until release but watch for it as he did a great job. Release should happen within the next couple weeks I'd say. So keep yer eyes and ears peeled for it.



Bandcamp here I am!

You can now also find my tracks available on Bandcamp. Here is the link:



GREAT NEWS! Coalescence hits distribution channels

GREAT NEWS! Coalescence hits distribution channels.


After a long break between releases finally Coalescence is completed. It was a long haul of delays but all that is over now. Hopefully this can get things back into a more regular roll once again. Keep your eyes peeled over the next few days for release.


The song was written for my wife and features Rahlen Sullaphen on his usual role of bass. The monstrous Dave Patel on the kit and myself doing the rest. It is one of my best works to date and features a lengthy outré guitar solo that i am quite happy with (odd for me!). I am my own worst critic.



"Coalescence" nears completion for release

"Coalescence" nears completion for release


Finally, we are nearing release of the 6th track from the upcoming Stray Dog Chronicles album. A ballad written for my wife titled "Coalescence". This track is the usual lineup of me on Guitars, vocals & keys, Rahlen Sullaphen on bass and Dave Patel manning the kit. Everyone performed amazingly and this is by some margin my favourite track to date.


It's been a long break since last release due to general time limitations on all fronts. So it feels good to see this one getting close. 


So watch for it as i will post the release note here and on my other social media channels.


Stay well!

Album Delay - the Good news and the Bad news

Album Delay - the Good news and the Bad news 


Hope 2016 is shaping up nicely already for you all. We have been experiencing delays at the studio due to increased workload of all people involved. So the album release is a few months behind schedule. That's the bad news! The good news however is we are nearing release on the next track - which was scheduled to be Grateful. But that has been moved aside for the album's ballad. A song written for my lovely wife called "Coalescence". It really is a beauty and has some of the bands best playing to date. I am very very pleased with it. That should be releasing in the upcoming weeks.


Solo projects can be tough to complete for musicians with bills to pay! But it's a labour of love for us all. We really are close to completion. So I anticipate a mid 2016 release.


Rock on peoples

A great part can change everything!

A great part can change everything. Always for the better in the end, but it can also take you back a step too! The latest track titled "Grateful" had this very thing happen. With the song written, we brought in Sonor drum artist Dave Patel to lay down his usual monster drum take. He delivered in a huge way. So much so, that it made me re-think some of the other parts. So Dave and his stupid virtuosity caused the delay we are now experiencing between tracks : ). A better drum approach changed the bass part, which changed the guitar part, which ultimately changed the vocal melody and rhythm. But I assure you, the wait will be well worth it. 


An interesting recording note. He brought with him a massive vintage Ludwig kick drum from the late 40's- early 50's and set the kit up around that. What an amazing tone, huge but very quick. We also as an effect added sheets of plexi-glas to the floor and pointed the room mics at them. It added a length to the room sound and a tightness as well.


So thanks to Dave - we wait : )

Seriously though - thanks to Dave for a great job.

So it's onto the 6th track "Grateful" we go

With the release of Case's Place behind us we move along the road to a bit more of a sensitive track. Grateful was written in the wake of the death of a childhood friend of mine (by suicide). So it carries a much more somber feel than some of... 

5th track hits mixing stage

5th track "Case's Place" reaches mixing stage


With "Shotgun Alongside" now completed and released (thanks for the wonderful comments all! Nice reception for it) work is now commencing on what will be my 5th release of this project. It will be the album opener, an instrumental titled "Case's Place". Tracking is completed and it enters mixing stages.


The track features a rather burning unison line and sound byte atmosphere that pokes fun at the life of a performing musician. This time, we have the monstrous Dave Patel manning the kit. Rahlen Sullaphen resumes his role on the bass and I really put both to work on this one. Of course they killed it as expected. 


Release should be in July some time so watch for it. That's all for now. The only other news would be that "Shotgun Alongside" should be appearing any day now on iTunes. So for all you Apple fans keep your eyes peeled for that announcement.

Shotgun Alongside Approved for release!

Shotgun Alongside Approved for release! - It's official, I have been given approval to release the 4th single from the album. As of right now it is in the distribution channel and should begin to appear publicly in a few days. I will send out a shout when it does. I very much look forward to sharing this song with you. It's a personal favourite of mine and I am quite proud of the work.


4 down! Ya gotta love progress.


Last night work began on what will be the album opening track. A light hearted but intense piece of music called "Case's Place". More on this in the coming weeks. For now I want to bask in the glorious rays of a task completed. Thank you Shotgun Alongside for all you taught me. I shove you off into the musical world to go where you will.


Cheers all

Shotgun Alongside entering final stages

New tune "Shotgun Alongside" is finally entering final stages. I just made final comments on the final mix of the tune which will move it into mastering stages. It's been a long wait on this song, much work was done (and redone) to make it its best. So with all that behind us I am happy to see it nearing the finish line.


The song is a bit more epic in nature and features some killing playing by all. Notably Rahlen Sullaphen on the bass. Really took it to a new level. On the kit is the monstrous Chris Sutherland. Having him share his talents with me is fantastic. He just left his long run with Canadian legend Kim Mitchell to begin a new chapter with the theatre show "Kinky Boots", so any time I can get him is a good time. 


Keep your eyes peeled in this coming week. Can't wait to share it.

Studio Diary - May 25th

Studio Diary - "Shotgun Alongside" the 4th release from "The Stray Dog Chronicles" first mix just came through the pipe and man is it sounding great. My favourite yet, the performances are really happening...>

Shotgun Alongside vocals redone

With some slowdowns at the studio we are somewhat behind schedule. Such is the life of an indie artist like myself! Things are getting...

Studio Diary - April 15th

Another productive night mixing the 4th track from the Stray Dog Chronicles "Shotgun Alongside". Last night the focus was on the kit. EQing, adding compression and working on the...

Two more songs written

The last few days have been fruitful ones creatively. Since the special release of "Cinqhole" I have penned two more pieces. So I officially now have enough...

Quiet round here!

With winter vacations going on at the studio progress has been a little slow round these parts. I am missing the weekly energy shot that one gets from progress. So tonight i am gonna take a shot...

Shotgun Alongside mixnotes1

Another great night at Wavepool sound last night where we dug through all the recorded tracks for the 4th title "Shotgun Alongside". At this stage we are mostly looking for orchestration and flow of the different sections...

Video for Busted in the works

With the launch of the song behind me and with the rush of positive feedback for the song, planning has officially begun for a video for the song Busted. Launch date is set for end of the month or into early April. Due to ...

"Shotgun Alongside" officially moves to the front burner

With the completion of the third song from The Stray Dog Chronicles (Busted), focus now shifts to the fourth piece. A completive tune titled "Shotgun Alongside". This song features the same lineup as Busted (Chris Sutherland - kit, ...Horns

"Busted" approved!

Just got the final mix from Wavepool Studios of the third release from the Stray Dog Chronicles a ripper called "Busted". So that means it will go into the distributions channel tomorrow and I will have a live link of it a couple days after. ...

80's metal returns??

Oooo, got my grubby little hands on a vintage MXR distortion+ pedal. For those of you who don't know what that means, this pedal was a fixture of the late 70's -early 80's hard rock scene (think Van Halen, Randy Rhoads etc). ...

Weekend release for "Busted" likely

The third track from "The Stray Dog Chronicles" "Busted" should be green-lighted the end of this week. Which would mean a potential weekend release to the publishing stream. This rocker features Toronto 4-string standout Rahlen Sullaphen ...

Last song maybe??

I think I may have written the final song for "The Stray Dog Chronicles" last night. The goal is to have 10 and with 9 completed and one to go, I think I may be in striking distance of that as of now. There is still ...

"Busted" bassline explodes!

Just got a pre-master mix of Busted and damn does it sound great. The bass playing on this tune by Rahlen Sullaphen is simply fantastic and the overall energy is strong. Can't wait to get this tune mastered, ...

Song #3 "Busted" rounding the final turn

After a long night in the studio last night we made some significant progress on my third release from The Stray Dog Chronicles album. A burner called "Busted". Featuring some pretty kick ass bass playing by the one and only Rahlen Sullaphen...

Outlined in Black Released!

It is with much happiness that I announce the official release of the Second track from "The Stray Dog Chronicles". A song titled "Outlined in Black". This song features Rob Beatdown Brown on the kit. Rahlen Sullaphen...

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